How We Work

Your business needs are unique. Our collaborative approach, working with you and your executive leadership, allows us to more effectively determine the right solution that meets your needs, goals, and budget.

From the initial conversation to implementation, all discussions are kept strictly confidential.

Step 1: Let’s Talk.

At your convenience, we will conduct a 10 to 15 minute conference call with you or your executive-level management to determine if there is a potential fit between your firm and Cornerstone. Call us or click here to schedule a conference call.  

Step 2: Discovery.

We next conduct an in-person discovery meeting with you and other organization stakeholders to gain a more complete understanding of the scope of your needs and goals. At this point, we will also request copies of your business census data and other documents necessary to provide you with recommendations and a co-employment proposal.

Step 3: Recommendations.

We will then deliver our recommendations to you and review our findings and recommendations in person. At this point, we will outline for you all services, fees, timelines, and terms and work to resolve any outstanding questions.

Step 4: Agreement to Proceed.

Following our recommendations, together we will be able to determine whether or not it makes sense to proceed with an agreement.
Yes: We agree that a professional employer relationship between your firm and Cornerstone Employer Solutions makes sense and the paperwork is completed to initiate the relationship.
No: We agree that a relationship is not a fit at this time and discuss whether it makes sense to resume discussions at a future date.