Healthcare Reform Expertise

What will healthcare reform mean to your business? 

Meet deadlines

Between the endless pages of detailed regulations and the constant stream of changing deadlines, it’s hard to stay current with what healthcare reform will mean to your business, your employees and your bottom line. Turn to our experts for guidance.

Remain in compliance

We have been following these changes carefully for you and can help you understand where and how your business may be affected. You can turn to Cornerstone professionals to create compliant medical plans and provide comprehensive administration, including assistance with government reporting requirements and employee notifications.

With Cornerstone, you receive assistance with healthcare reform including:

  • Guidance with enrollment and reporting requirements, tax credit qualifications, potential penalties
  • Unique plan designs and pricing levels not available to the small-group market
  • Benefits not available through exchanges (group dental, vision, life, disability)
  • Management of Measurement & Stability Periods
  • Compliance with Plan “affordability” and “minimum value calculations”
  • Section 6056 and form 720 excise tax reporting
  • Complete ACA consulting